SOCAN Alliances are groups that have a specific campaign that we endorse

Save Our Solar

seeks  to protect net metering in Oregon from attack by utilities wishing to undermine the system.


is  seeking a constitutional amendment in Oregon that would guarantee Oregonians the right to clean water, clean air and a healthy climate and environment.  The proposal is being developed in collaboration with Our Children’s Trust, the organization that files suits on behalf of  youth against federal and state governments that decline to honor the public trust doctrine of protecting our environment for future generations.



America is All In is seeking a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030




Divest Oregon seeks to shift Oregon Treasury holdings from risky fossil fuels to climate-safe investments increasing our resiliency as a people and as a state. They demand: 1) Immediately: No NEW investments in fossil fuels since they pose a financial, health, and climate risk to Oregonians, 2) Disclose Oregon Treasury fossil fuel holdings by November 2021 – the start of COP26 (2021 UN Climate Change Conference) and 3) By 2026: Transparently phase out all CURRENT fossil fuel investments and move to climate-safe investments, using a social justice framework.) The organization achieved success in the 2024 Oregon Legislature when HB4083 (The COAL Act) was passed.



Electrify Coalition Electrify Now has joined with likeminded organizations to create the Electrify Coalition. We are committed to providing education about the benefits of electrification and working to accelerate the adoption of electric and renewable energy solutions through voluntary action and public policy.)



Health Care for All Oregon (Health Care For All Oregon (HCAO) is fighting for equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high-quality, publicly funded healthcare. As we have experienced, climate change poses a serious health risk to Oregonians.)





Solarize Rogue & Sustainable Northwest (These groups are working to bring Community Solar to our area.)





Stand Up to Factory Farms is seeking to control the environmental damage imposed by Industrial animal feedlot operations, damage that includes massive emissions of methane.