Kevin MacNamara, KTVL July 16, 2021

Environmental activists rallied in Ashland on Friday, going from bank to bank to protest Wall Street’s involvement in the Enbridge Pipeline, which is set to transport 760,000 barrels of oil a day partially through tribal lands in Minnesota.

“The larger issue, of course, is global warming. And the people in this valley have had a good dose of it this summer. If you’re in any doubt that we’re in trouble, the 115-degree weather this summer should’ve ended all your uncertainty,” said rally organizer Herbert Rothschild.

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NOTE: Some 20 area residents joined the protest urging Oregonians to divest from the major banks that fund our collective suicide by providing financing for fossil fuel extraction.  If you have an account or credit card with any of the following banks, please consider divesting (closing the account) – for your kids, our kids, and life on the planet as we know it: Citi ($5.15b), Wells Fargo ($3.86b), Bank of America ($3.16b), J.P. Morgan/Chase ($1.8b), Truist ($400m) , Numbers in parentheses represent the amount of you money that is supporting Enbridge Line 3.  For more information on banking, visit: SOCAN’s ‘What’s in Your Wallet page.

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