SOCAN’s Strategic Plan – 2023

SOCAN will work on projects that build on partnerships we have established and solutions that are based on sound science. The following activities will be the focus for 2023:

Government Program

The Federal and State Project will work at the Federal level to support meaningful legislation and educate legislators and others. At the State level, we will monitor the agency programs developed according to Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-04 as well as help support legislation during the 2023 Legislative Session that promotes that furthers state climate action. We will continue to work with the governor’s office and support action to improve recycling.

The Regional and Local Project will continue to support action teams in regional communities and counties. These teams will continue to engage with local governments as appropriate and promote community efforts to adapt to and mitigate the climate crisis.

Education Program

We will continue making presentations to interested groups as well as schools using Zoom as well as through in-person formats. The Master Climate Protector will be offered in-person and in the area of teacher education teachers the Teacher Conversations will be reactivated with interest in developing a team of teachers who will be consulted for effective professional development activities for teachers. The efforts by Oregon Educators for Climate Ed (OECE) to pass the development climate change and sustainability curriculum into all subjects for K-12 students in the Oregon legislature will be supported.

The Oregon Legislative and Congressional District project will be updated. Internship opportunities will be developed while the work of the Rapid Response team will continue.

Natural Resources

Forests and fire will be an important focus with attention emphasizing response to climate change driven wildfires and urban fires. Actions will include educating area residents as well as drawing attention to the principles guiding how to build back better. Bilingual materials will be developed and/or promoted and disseminated regarding fire. Conversations and programs that help increase the public’s understanding of prevention and protection will be undertaken.

Collaboration will continue with Southern Oregon Climate Smart (SOCS) Working Group to incorporate climate smart strategies into forest management in order to promote healthy resilient forests. Drought education materials and ways to conserve water will be encouraged while collaborative efforts to develop offshore wind in a socially responsible manner will be supported.

Health and Psychological Impacts

This group will continue to offer monthly Sustaining Climate Activists sessions to address the fatigue, distress and grief for those engaged in climate action.


This program will continue to promote climate conscious and sensitive transportation at all levels of government.

Community Outreach

This program will continue monthly SOCAN meetings for the general public and Media Corps as well as try to reactivate the development of additional Climate Capsules. We will also expand our use of social media. Efforts will be made to broaden the base by reaching out to others with whom we do not normally engage, identifying their needs and seeking common ground to help identify what we can offer and how we can collaborate on issues of mutual interest and concern.

To work with us on any of these activities, please click on the ‘Volunteer’ button and complete the information on the form.