SOCAN’s Strategic Plan – 2020

SOCAN groups will work on projects that build on partnerships and solutions that are based on science. They will incorporate effective communication and consider an economic framework for examination of issues.

The following activities will be the focus for 2020:

Government Group

This group will continue on State Legislation with the addition of Ballot Measures to accomplish the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by large polluters in Oregon. Working with others through city councils, the governor’s office, and reaching out to the chamber of commerce will continue. The Rapid Response Team will continue to call attention to issues of importance.

Education Group

This group will continue making presentations to interested groups as well as schools. The development of a teacher workshop on climate change will be pursued as well as funding for this event. Teacher resource materials on climate change will also be enhanced. The Master Climate Protector course will be offered again in February 2020 and work on updating the Legislative District summaries will continue. Efforts to establish an Internship Program will begin.

Public Outreach

This group will continue working on the Info Card with a focus on implementation. They will also continue efforts to communicate issues related to climate change to individuals, labor groups, businesses. Monthly meetings will continue as well as efforts of the Media Corps to communicate with print and broadcast media. Creation of Voices of the Valley – 2 will be discussed as well as how to encourage participation from representatives of different demographics.

Natural Resources

This group will continue working with others to incorporate climate smart strategies into forest management plans to promote healthy resilient forests as well as the development of a Climate and Fire Summit. The water group will collaborate with other organizations in promoting water quality and water conservation. Collaboration with other regional organizations working on issues related to the impact of climate change on our natural resources will be explored.

Health and Psychological Impacts

This group will continue to offer monthly Sustaining Climate Activists sessions to address the fatigue, distress and grief for those engaged in climate action.