Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is willing to offer information and briefings to any candidate for local, statewide or national office wishing information on local climate trends and projections, and state legislation. Contact Alan Journet.

Clean Energy Jobs Bill 2018-2019

Oregon Senate District 3 (2018): The Candidates and Climate Change

Oregon Ballot Measure 101 (2018)

The 2018 Green New Deal

This was developed by, and is being promoted largely, by a youth organization called Sunrisers.  The text of the proposal can be found hereAn earlier version of the text is available here.  Notice that the earlier version frequently contains reference to carbon and decarbonization while this language was adjusted in the revised version.


Project Description

In order to stimulate appropriate action at all levels, SOCAN is committed to reaching out to our elected representatives and their staffs both to express our concerns about climate change and its consequences, and advocate for or against positions held by these individuals and proposals that are under discussion. Our hope is to serve as a resource for technical knowledge and expertise on climate change and to support governments in taking action to address the problem.


Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project serves all three prongs of the Mission since it is clear we need bold federal, state, and local action to address the problem, we need to promote awareness and understanding about the causes and consequences of climate change among many of our representatives, and we wish to promote reducing the severity of climate change by both decreasing the causes of it and by preparing for its inevitable changes.


To date, this team has organized successful visits of a delegation to the regional offices of Congressman Greg Walden, Senator Ron Wyden, and Senator Jeff Merkley as well as local city council members. Plans are underway to increase our contact with local representatives and city department staff.

How to Join

Please contact Alan Journet at

Background Information

While we are all individually responsible for doing the best we can do to address climate change through modification of our personal behaviors, the unfortunate reality is that this is a necessary but insufficient condition. Addressing this global crisis will take more than that; it will require the collective action of peoples throughout the world taking steps to curtail the greenhouse gas pollution that is increasing the global temperature and imposing havoc on our weather patterns. This global problem will take global collaboration. Beyond personal and corporate efforts, we want our local, state, and national governments to address climate change in a manner consistent with their authority and responsibility.


Federal Representative Contacts

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