Master Climate Protector Resources

Carbon Footprint Calculators

Oregon Carbon Calculator: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality – Find out how your household contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and discover some of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Oregon Carbon Calculator Excel Spreadsheet: CC Carbon Footprint Calculator_blank

Global Footprint Calculator: Global Footprint Network – Explains Total Ecological Footprint versus Carbon Footprint

Water Footprint Calculators

National Geographic Water Calculator (you have to turn your ad blocker off)


Keep Oregon Cool – Oregon Global Warming Commission

Oregon Environmental Council

Questions about Climate Change

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Session Resources

Session 1 – Introduction & Basic Science

Session 2 – Competing Hypotheses and Science Denier Claims

Session 3 – Energy & Construction

Session 4 – Transportation

Session 5 – Weather & Water

Session 6 – Terrestrial (Land Based) Natural Systems

Session 7 – Agriculture

Session 8 – Human Responses (Physical & Psychological Health, Consumption)

Session 9 – Collective Actions

Session 10 – Wrap-up

PowerPoints for MCP Sessions