Guest Column by Alan Journet, Medford Mail Tribune, April 8th 2018

For Southern Oregonians, our beautiful environment, forests, waters, mountains, and meadows are among the major benefits that either attracted us, or keep us, here. We cherish opportunities to ski, hike, bike, boat, fish, hunt, camp, photograph, drink the water, breath the air, or just hang out. For many, this precious environment is our greatest treasure. But humans and nature present challenges to the environment we value. We wonder what our next Senator will do to address these challenges.


Letter to Editor by Collette Paré Miller, Medford Mail Tribune, January 27th

Your article, “Report Warns of Jordan Cove Emissions,” cited new research showing that the proposed Jordan Cove fracked gas export terminal and pipeline would generate greenhouse gas emissions equal to 15 coal plants.

That’s while it would impact the land of hundreds of ranchers, farmers, and other landowners, under the threat of eminent domain if they did not agree.


Letter to Editor by Trish Vigil in Medford Mail Tribune January 3, 2017 and Ashland Daily Tidings, January 5, 2017

Neither crooks nor the corrupt care, but integrity is something most of us value. Without integrity, which can be assessed many ways, one cannot be trusted.


Column by Diarmuid McGuire on Ashland Locals Guide, January 2018

As you read this missive, the planetary clock will have already struck 18. Gifts will have been opened, Family will have come and gone. Perhaps you will have taken a moment to wonder: did anything good happen last year?

As far as bad news is concerned, there has been plenty.  I’m not talking about the dangerous attacks on truth, justice, democracy, and the rule of law that are coming from our White House.  Not terrorism either, or being abandoned by Willie Taggart. We are a resilient bunch. We can recover form all these blows.


Kathleen Alaks, Grants Pass Courier, November 26, 2017

Dan Bish struggles with what trees or native plants to stock and recommend in his Talent nursery business as summers get hotter. For farmworkers Maricela Ruelas and Juan Escareño, smoke has become a seasonal ordeal as they toil in the fields.

They are among a dozen Rogue Valley citizens who voice their concerns about climate change in a documentary film created by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now that has two screenings planned.



Ethan Siegel in Science / Whoa Science, March 15, 2017

Modeling the Earth’s climate is one of the most daunting, complicated tasks out there. If only we were more like the Moon, things would be easy. The Moon has no atmosphere, no oceans, no icecaps, no seasons, and no complicated flora and fauna to get in the way of simple radiative physics. No wonder it’s so challenging to model! In fact, if you google “climate models wrong“, eight of the first ten results showcase failure. But headlines are never as reliable as going to the scientific source itself, and the ultimate source, in this case, is the first accurate climate model ever: by Syukuro Manabe and Richard T. Wetherald. 50 years after their groundbreaking 1967 paper, the science can be robustly evaluated, and they got almost everything exactly right.


Seth Borenstein, Associated Press, Medford Mail Tribune, October, October 27 2017

Across the United States, the year’s first freeze has been arriving further and further into the calendar, according to more than a century of measurements from weather stations nationwide.

Scientists say it is yet another sign of the changing climate, and that it has good and bad consequences for the nation. There could be more fruits and vegetables — and also more allergies and pests.


Letter to Editor by Bob Scheelen, Medford Mail Tribune, October 17 2017

Some letters say liberals should get over the election. We’d like to; most people would. But look at our society. Do we really Make America Great Again by debasing our civil conversation, shared values and norms, and undermining the mutual respect basic to a well-ordered society?


Story by Kimberly Kolliner , KTVL News, October 9, 2017


The Environmental Protection Agency plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan set forth by President Obama to curb greenhouse gas emissions produced by power plants.

The repeal is based on President Trump’s executive orders calling for a review of the legality of the Clean Power Plan.


Letter to Editor by Trisha Vigil, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 21 2017,  also appearing in Medford Mail Tribune, June 215, 2017, Rogue Valley Messenger June 22, 2017

Hypocrisy is pretense or sham; a false appearance of virtue or goodness. The Republican Party perfectly demonstrates this condition.