Guest Opinion: End Ashland’s ICE age by 2027

Guest Opinion  by Bruce Borgerson in Ashland Daily Tidings, September 22, 2017

With Houston inundated, Caribbean islands devastated, Florida lashed until powerless and the Rogue Valley choked in smoke, the cascading effects of climate change are undeniable. The window is narrowing for avoiding even worse calamities in the future. We must act now, and be bold about it.

Because America’s electric grid is gradually greening (though not fast enough), some analyses now identify transportation as our nation’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s certainly true in Ashland, where we have no power plants or large manufacturers. Unquestionably the number one year-round contributor to global warming here is the internal combustion engine (ICE), a profuse greenhouse-gas emitter that we employ largely for personal transportation.


The reality of climate change

Letter to Editor by Bob Scheelen, Medford Mail Tribune, September 12 2017

While the U.S. is understandably focused on the destruction by Harvey in Houston and across the Southeast, weather disasters (many attributable in part to climate change) are occurring across the world.

Just a partial tally: 100,000 homeless from flooding in Nigeria, severe drought in many parts of the Mideast (which significantly contribute to regional conflicts), 1,200 dead and millions affected by flooding across Southeast Asia.


Time to act

Letter to Editor by Neal Anderson, Medford Mail Tribune September 10 2017

Scientists are persuaded by data, either data they have examined or data generated by reliable sources, usually other scientists. Scientists don’t make decisions on science based on discussions in the public square.


Accept the results

Letter to editor by John Limb, Medford Mail Tribune, September 9 2017

Climate change and its causes are much debated. To understand the science behind it requires that we assemble information and knowledge from very many specialties and sub-specialties; earth and marine sciences, physical and computer sciences.


Guest Opinion: What is the what?

Guest Opinion  by Louise Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, August 31, 2017

“Who What When Where Why.” Have you heard this song? It is all about telling a story using the five Ws.


Who is waiting for something to happen?

Once upon a time there were citizens …





The cost of corruption

Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Medford Mail Tribune, September 6, 2017

Governments exist to benefit the common good and to do things that individuals cannot do by themselves. Governments become corrupted when they are used to further individual or private interests. One example of how that corruption works is when elected officials vote to help their big “donors” instead of their constituents.


Who sponsors Walden?

Letter to Editor by Tom Doolittle Medford Mail Tribune September 4 2017

I was disappointed in the deliberately misleading full page advertisement in the Sunday, Aug. 27 MT (Page A9) which thanks Walden for “Protecting Senior’s Medicare Benefits.” The group paying for this ad is the Healthcare Leadership Council, which is entirely funded by medical “provider” associations, i.e., the groups that want to raise rates and payments to doctors, drug manufacturers and hospitals.


Unnatural disasters

Letter to Editor by Alan Journet, Ashland Daily Tidings, September 6 2017

Thank you for the editorial Sept. 1 connecting climate change to wildfires and hurricane severity.

Those of us who are aware of the connection find it quite amazing that there remain individuals who refuse to accept that this the new normal. In fact, it’s just the beginning of worsening climate-induced chaos we should anticipate.


Are debates worthwhile?

Letter to Editor By Barbara Gurschke, Medford Mail Tribune, September 3 2017

A gambit used by those with marketing skills but a shortage of supporting evidence is to see a public debate. This is because debates conducted before an uninformed audience are won by smooth talking skills and fraudulent claims that the audience doesn’t discern. Thus the uninformed administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, wages a debate on climate science.


Heed the science

Letter to Editor by Kathy Conway, Medford Mail Tribune, September 5 2017

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those in Texas suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

Tropical rotating storms — hurricanes to us, typhoons and cyclones elsewhere — are not a mystery. They occur in tropical zones between 10 and 20 degrees North and South when ocean temperatures exceed 82 degrees F. They derive their energy from the increasing moisture in the air above the warming oceans. The damage caused by hurricanes results from their energy content, the ocean level and the surge they generate.