Board of Directors

Louise Shawkat

Louise 300Coming to Southern Oregon from Louisville Kentucky, Louise Shawkat has been with SOCAN since our first meetings in the fall of 2012. Since then she may have been involved in more SOCAN activities than any other of our activist volunteers. Those who remember the great salmon excursion of 2013 may not know that without Louise staying up nights with brush in hand, many of the scales would have remained bereft of color. When it comes to staffing a booth, marching in a parade, attending a townhall, leafleting, keeping time, or otherwise helping projects achieve their goals, Louise can always be counted on to give more than her share of effort and enthusiasm. Without Louise, SOCAN would have probably achieved less than it has accomplished during the three years of its existence. When Louise agreed to serve as a founding Board member, we could not have been happier. Of course, Louise is not just a SOCAN volunteer. For those who do not know, Louise was deservedly recognized in 2015 by the Rogue Valley Messenger as the Rogue Valley Non-profit Volunteer of the Year.

Bob Scheelen

Bob 200

Bob became a SOCAN volunteer activist for climate during SOCAN’s first year of existence and has been integral in our projects ever since. Bob is well-known among SOCANistas for his sage and calm advice and particularly his contributions to Government group activities and among those especially visits to field staff of our Federal representatives. Despite the almost annual trips to India where the volunteer contributions of Bob and Dolores cross national and continental borders, Bob has been a constant with SOCAN since first coming to our meetings. We are grateful to Bob for serving as a founding Board member during our rebirth as a 501-C-3 non-profit. At our meetings Bob’s wisdom has always been welcome.


Eric Dittmer


Eric Dittmer retired from Southern Oregon University in 2012 after teaching in Geology and Environmental Studies since 1992.  Eric’s interests include geologic hazards, especially earthquake hazard reduction, and water management.  Eric is also an avid cyclist, frequently riding his bike from home in East Medford to SOU.  Prior to being enticed to SOU, Eric served the Rogue Valley Council of Governments for over a decade primarily as Oregon Water Resources Coordinator.  Eric has also served in a professional resource capacity with the “Water for Irrigation, Streams, and Economy” (WISE) Project, the goals of which are to enhance water management and irrigation efficiency in Jackson County. Eric’s consistent involvement in volunteer service reflects an amazing commitment to the community.  When the idea of establishing a local Grassroots Climate Action group was first discussed with Southern Oregonians, Eric’s name came up as a ‘must visit’ person.  Since Eric has honored us with his involvement, we have come to appreciate that if there are folks living in Southern Oregon who don’t know Eric, he probably knows them anyway.  We are absolutely thrilled that Eric, who was the ideas person behind ‘Our Critical Climate: Trends, Impacts, and Solutions – A Rogue Basin Summit’ and a major contributor to its orchestration. Eric joined the board in 2016.

Alan Journet

Alan 500


Not an Oregon native by any stretch of the imagination, Alan Journet grew up in Britain, spent several years in Canada and then several more in Australia. After two years in Texas, Alan moved to the United States in 1980. He taught Biology and Environmental Science for thirty years at Southeast Missouri State University, was active in the local Sierra Club group, and formed the Southeast Missouri Climate Protection Initiative. After relocating to Southern Oregon with wife Kathy Conway Alan built an energy efficient passive/active solar home in the Applegate Valley. Finding no grassroots climate activist organization in the region, Alan and Kathy established Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, of which he serves as Co-facilitator and Board President.

Kathy Conway

Kathy 250


Before moving to Southern Oregon, native Oregonian Kathy Conway taught science, math, and social studies methods to pre-service elementary teachers at Southeast Missouri State University. She has also been a long time environmental activist with the local Sierra Club group and was instrumental in establishing the Southeast Missouri Climate Protection Initiative. After relocating to Southern Oregon in 2010, Kathy collaborated with Alan and other area residents to form Southern Oregon Climate Action Now of which she is Co-facilitator and serves as Secretary of the Board.


Dagoberto Morales

Hogan Sherrow

Roger Pearce, Pearce Law LLC

Roger Pierce


Roger recently moved to Ashland from Seattle. Serving as our General Counsel, Roger has helped us negotiate the complexities of achieving 501 (c) (3) status and offered sage advice on legal matters.