Alan Journet, Guest Opinion December 4, 2016 Medford Mail Tribune When we turn on the lights, TV or stereo, we rarely pause to wonder where the electricity comes from. Back in the day, all that concerned us in budgeting was whether income exceeded expense. If it did, we were happy. But when we understand the […]

Adam McGibbon, The Guardian, Nov 21, 2016 There’s no point hiding from it – Donald Trump’s election should give us all concern for our future and the future of our children. The chances of successfully mitigating climate change and holding global temperature increases to below a manageable 1.5 degree rise has nosedived. Trump, a man […]

Yes, indeed!  From the perspective of social and environmental justice, this has been a bad month so far. Like many of you reading this, I went to bed on the morning of the 9th thinking this was a different country than I imagined it was when I woke up election morning, the day before. But, it […]