Guest Opinion: Clean energy would strengthen Oregon rural communities

Guest column by Merten Bangemann-Johnson in Medford Mail Tribune / Ashland Daily Tidings January 7, 2018 2017 was a year of compromise and disappointments in the battle for controlling climate change, both nationally and locally. Oregon’s temperature has been steadily climbing for years. We’ve seen early snowmelt, blistering heat waves, heavy downpours and a dangerous […]

Read Voters’ Pamphlet

Letter to Editor by Joyce Chapman, Medford M ail Tribune /  Ashlland Daily Tiding January 7, 2018 It is instructive to look at Ballot Measure 101 supporting and opposing commentaries in the Voters’ Pamphlet since their sources tell us as much as the content. More

Walden plea is all wrong

Letter to Editor by Tom Doolittle, Medford Mail Tribune, January 6, 2018 Sunday’s letter from Kate Foley requesting an end to Walden attack ads misses the point. We have to bring Walden’s failure in every area to the public because he has misled us all. More