Letter to Editor by Sydney Brown, Ashland Daily Tidings, August 7, 2018 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is on board, as are House and Senate leaders. A Joint House/Senate committee is developing legislation for the 2019 session to address statewide climate pollution. Many representatives support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, but we don’t know whether the […]

Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Ashland Daily Tidings, August 7, 2018 We face a climate crisis of almost unimaginable severity and it is destroying the world as we know it. Heat is ratcheting up beyond what can be borne by flora and fauna. fires are consuming forests and grasslands around the globe (even in […]

The Trump administration has made no secret of the fact that when it comes to America’s public lands, their loyalty rests with the oil and gas, mining and logging industries – not the American public. Alaska has not been immune to this imbalance either, and the Bureau of Land Management will soon officially release a […]