Nick Morgan, Medford Mail Tribune, September 16, 2018 As locals reel from a wildfire season that’s already consumed more than double the average number of acres burned over the past decade, leaving behind still-lingering smoke in its wake, local business leaders say they’re learning to adapt while state officials place new ideas on the table. […]

Letter to Editor by Kathy Conway, Ashland Daily Tidings, September 11, 2018; Also appearing in the Medford Mail Tribune September 13 as “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” Struggling to find opposing views can result in imbalance. Such occurred in the point/counterpoint columns on wildfire (Sunday, Sept. 2). One side offered an environmental scientist (Frey) who […]

Jason Clark, Medford Mail Tribune, September 4, 2018 Western states need to implement restoration forestry practices on a large scale and fast. Restoration forestry backed by adequate public investment will pay back dividends in a four-pronged benefit package: 1) increased wildfire resilience, 2) habitat values and other ecosystem services, 3) economic invigoration, and 4) long-term […]