Editorial Board, Washington Post, August 8 2018 CALIFORNIA, THE nation’s most populous state and the world’s fifth-largest economy , is on fire. In a state already known for monster conflagrations, the past month has been unusually destructive. The Mendocino Complex fire north of San Francisco is now officially the largest in California’s history, having burned an area about the size […]

The Commerce Department has ordered that water use be prioritized for firefighters — who say water isn’t the issue. The decision isn’t really about fire. Chris D’Angelo and Alexander C. Kaufman, August 08/09/2018, HUFFPOST Apparently seeing a disaster as an opportunity to push partisan policy, the Trump administration has opted to continue its bizarre attempt […]

Report by Nathan Rott with Ari Shapiro on NPR’s All Things Considered, August 8, 2018 Massive wildfires in Western states are rapidly depleting funds set aside to fight fires. At the same time, many experts argue our priorities are wrong — we should be spending more on prescribed burns, and less on fighting fires in […]