Climate Denier Round-up, Eco-Watch May 24th 2016 Donald Trump has said numerous times in various places that he does not consider climate change to be a significant problem warranting corrective action. From calling it pseudoscience to a Chinese conspiracy to an elaborate hoax, he’s made it a point to take the Koch-approved stance, even as he disavows such big-money influence in politics. But […]

Letter to Editor by Julia Rodriguez Seidler, Medford Mail Tribune, May 24 2016; also in Ashland Daily Tidings May 23rd 2016 Certainly there are individuals in the region who reject the science of global warming and its climate change causes. I would like to point out a couple of realities: First, to deny the influence […]

Josh Schlossberg Climate Change, May 17, 2016 A report funded by Clean Air Council questions whether biomass should count as renewable energy, arguing that carbon dioxide and air pollutant emissions disqualify the controversial energy source. Wood Burning, Biomass, Air Pollution and Climate Change, by Christopher D. Ahlers, adjunct professor of Law at Vermont Law School, explains […]