Education is one of SOCAN’s most important actvities.  The Climate in the Classroom Project, led by Mary Ehlers, was in action on Monday August 8th at the Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders’ August Institute for regional teachers.  Mary Ehlers, Liese Murphree, Alan Journet, Kathy Conway, and Catherine Keys were on hand to provide information […]

Letter to editor by Louise Shawkat, Medford Mail Tribune July 18, 2016 Greenhouse gases (GHG) are methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. They trap heat in our atmosphere and make the planet warmer. A GHG inventory is a measurement of all significant sources of GHG emissions. A carbon footprint, meanwhile, measures the amount […]

Letter to Editor by Ken Deveney, Ashland Daily Tidings, July 13 2016; Also in Medford Mail Tribune, July 19, 2016 Those who are concerned about climate change and the environment must pay attention to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and other trade deals. All […]