Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 29, 2016; Medford Mail Tribune,  July 1, 2016 We know that fossil fuel corporations, like other big industries, have been purchasing influence in Congress for years. This legalized bribery has now corrupted our government beyond recognition. More

Daniel Lewkow of Common Cause and Dave Hyde of Move to Amend Jackson County on Jefferson Exchange, June 23rd 2016 – Subject of Common Cause / SOCAN / Peace House/ Move to Amend Jackson County Program June 23rd at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. At this point it seems naive to ask if money influences politics. So, […]

Jefferson Exchange Interview with Bob Doppelt – Featured Speaker at SOCAN Monthly Program, June 21st Whether self-interest is enlightened or not, it’s not good for the planet. That’s the general thrust of Bob Doppelt’s work.  We met Bob a few years ago to talk about his book From Me To We. He continues his work on […]