Senator DeBoer needs your help

Letter to Editor by David Lane, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 21, 2017 The Joint Committee on Tax Reform in Salem has devised an outstanding plan to provide both cost containment and tax reform. This plan provides an exceptional opportunity to re-establish a greater fairness in Oregon’s tax system, to create greater stability in tax revenue, […]


Hypocrisy starts at the top

Letter to Editor by Trisha Vigil, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 21 2017,  also appearing in Medford Mail Tribune, June 215, 2017 Hypocrisy is pretense or sham; a false appearance of virtue or goodness. The Republican Party perfectly demonstrates this condition. More

Out of step with America

Letter to Editor by Pat Gordon, Medford Mail Tribune, June 6, 2017 The White House and the GOP are out of step with public opinion on many issues. This is especially evident for climate science. While the president, his cabinet and Republican congressional leaders sound sold on anti-science information, a recent Gallup Poll indicates that […]