Let’s grow up

Letter to Editor by Bob Scheelen, Medford Mail Tribune, October 17 2017 Some letters say liberals should get over the election. We’d like to; most people would. But look at our society. Do we really Make America Great Again by debasing our civil conversation, shared values and norms, and undermining the mutual respect basic to […]

Such a deal

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, October 19th 2017 Feeling frustrated? I have a deal for you. Oregon is phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2030, has passed a law to become coal-free with utilities supplying 50 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2040. Not sufficient, right? More

Truth Against the Machine Interview

Summer Swan interviews Alan Journet about Oregon’s 2018 Clean Energy Jobs Bill, climate science, and what we can do to avert global arm and its climate change consequences. View