Tax bill disturbing

Lett to Editor by Eric Dittmer Medford Mail Tribune December 11, 2017 There are many things that disturb me about rushing 500 pages of major tax reform through Congress. More

Guest Opinion: We can create infrastructure jobs without jeopardizing our future

Guest Opinion b y Jeff Merkley, Medford Mailt Tribune, December 8, 2017 When Jordan Cove LNG announced its plan in 2012 for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Coos Bay, it painted a compelling picture. The project would create hundreds of construction jobs and improve port infrastructure in a region hit hard by […]

Clean Energy Jobs a win-win solution for Applegate residents

Alan Journet, The Applegater, Winter 2017 Win-win and no-regrets solutions rarely come our way, but in the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, our valley has a chance to hit that sweet spot. Most Applegate Valley residents know that our temperature has been climbing for decades (for more information, visit bringing early snowmelt and heat waves. Less obvious is the transition from high-elevation […]