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Master Climate Protector

Administrative Coordinator – Eric Dittmer. Modeled on the extremely popular Jackson County Master Gardener and Master Recycler programs, our Master Climate Protector (MCP) program incorporates both a training component and a service component…


Media Corps

PROJECT LEADER – ALAN JOURNET Project Description The Media Corps (formerly the Writing Corps) Project comprises individuals who are interested in contacting print and broadcast media to promote public awareness about climate change issues and SOCAN activities and projects.   This involves such activities as writing letters to the editor (LTEs), feature stories, or opinion columns […]


Oregon Legislative Districts

Project Leader – Alan Journet Project Description One of the most effective ways of communicating the importance of acting to address climate change is to show individuals what is happening in people’s own backyards.  This project follows that principle by providing Oregonians with a brief summary of what the trends and projections are for their locality – […]



Project Leader – Alan Journet Project Description The purpose of the project is to develop a set of presenters and presentations that can be offered to regional audiences.  It is anticipated that these presentations will be adjusted to suit the interests and understanding of the audience, and be tailored to meet the desired goals and […]


Water Management and Conservation

PROJECT LEADER – ERIC DITTMER Project Description This is an Ad Hoc group available to support water conservation promotion through presentations, seminars and contributions to classroom education. We live in an area where there is a real potential for serious drought and a large magnitude earthquake.  In the event this happens, adequate clean water will be […]

SOCAN at Mountain Meadows

Project Leader – Louise Shawkat Project Description This group is made up primarily of people who live in the Ashland area and generally focuses on issues related to Ashland. A wide variety of climate change actions are undertaken. Goals Stimulate actions in the local community to reduce the impacts of climate change. Connection to SOCAN […]

Health & Psychological Impacts

Project Leaders – Ken Deveney Goals To raise awareness of health and psychological impac ts of Climate Change for individuals, our communities,and relevant public agencies. Project Description Prepare, arrange and offer public presentations on Climate Change and health, and Climate Change and stress. Develop a multimedia narrative project (Voices of the Valley) that will present people […]


PROJECT LEADER – ALAN JOURNET Clean Energy Jobs Bill 2018 Oregon Senate District 3 (2018): The Candidates and Climate Change Oregon Ballot Measure 101 (2018) Project Description In order to stimulate appropriate action at all levels, SOCAN is committed to reaching out to our elected representatives and their staffs both to express our concerns about […]

Forests & Fire

Project Leader – Gary Clarida Project Description Through attendance at regional programs (presentations and workshops) and participation in field trips exploring local forest management strategies and tactics, the Forest and Fire team members have been  learning who the local players are and what the currently preferred strategies and tactics are.  The group has also been […]


Project Leader – Louise Shawkat Electric Bus comes to the Rogue Valley Project Description Goals Connection to SOCAN Mission Accomplishments How to Join Please contact Louise Shawkat at louise@socan.info. Background Information Since 30-40% of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon result from transportation, SOCAN is committed to transportation policies that address these emissions. Resources