2018 Annual Campaign Target Projects

  • Master Climate Protector – $2,500 course offering + $5,000 Administrative Coordinator (part time)
  • Oregon Legislative Districts – $2,000 summaries for Oregon Congressional Districts
  • Presentations – $2,000 Travel
  • Government – $1,500 materials and travel for climate legislation
  • Natural Resources: Fire & Forestry – $1,500 Climate change education in relation to protection + $5,000 collaboration leading to sustainable forests
  • Maintenance of other projects – $3,500 general fund

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2018 Funding Donors

Updated November 11, 2017

2017 Funding Update

Updated September 8, 2017

  • Funds Received
  • $8,209
  • Matched
  • $5,000
  • Total
  • $13,209

Annual Campaign Donors

Barking Moon Farm

Bruce Bauer & Barbara Gurschke

Patrick Box

Mark Bradford

David Cornell

Ken Deveney

Eric & Lynne Dittmer

Blanche Douma

JoAnne Eggers

Thomas Fink

Wolfgang Geiger

Ted Gibbs

Pat Gordon

Elizabeth Hallett

Theodora & Robert Hight

Janet Ievins

Jill Iles

Carol Ingelson

Frank Jones

Alan Journet & Kathy Conway

Michal Kawka

Robin Keeton

Marni Koopman

David & Patti Lane

Lee Lull

Ray & Margaret Mallette

Connie Markovich

Eleanor Marzocco

Jacquine Milikien

Marion Moore

Rochelle & Richard Newman

Liz Olson

Eleanor Ponomareff

Andrew Ralston

Chuck Rhine

Deborah Rothschild

Susan Rust

Robert Scheelen

Louise Shawkat

John Soares

Dennis Sobolik & Susan Silva

SOHEVA (Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Association)

Dennis Specht

Susan Stevens-Briody

Donna Stuart

Donna Swanson

Richard Thomas

Unitarian Universalists of Grants Pass

Tricia Vigil

Estelle Voeller

Ann “Dickie” Wilson