2018 Annual Campaign Target Projects

  • Master Climate Protector – $2,500 course offering + $5,000 Administrative Coordinator (part time)
  • Oregon Legislative Districts – $2,000 summaries for Oregon Congressional Districts
  • Presentations – $2,000 Travel
  • Government – $1,500 materials and travel for climate legislation
  • Natural Resources: Fire & Forestry – $1,500 Climate change education in relation to protection + $5,000 collaboration leading to sustainable forests
  • Maintenance of other projects – $3,500 general fund

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2018 Annual Campaign Donors

A Balanced Body – Dennis Specht, LMT

AnnaRuthe Gabrielle Loving Fund (Doug Peterson)

Bruce Bauer

Alan Journet & Kathy Conway

Ben Benjamin & Sally Jones

Tom and Kristine Bowerman

David & Patti Lane

Nadine Lefkowitz

Brett Lutz

Ray & Margaret Mallette

Anne & Michael Meiring

Nancy Mendenhall

Frederick Mittleman

James L. Moore

Jack Patterson

Eleanor Ponomareff

Chuck Rhine

Deborah Rothschild

Susan Rust

Bob Scheelen

Cathy Shaw

Louise Shawkat

Peggy Strong

Amy Titus

2017 Annual Campaign Donors

Barking Moon Farm

Bruce Bauer & Barbara Gurschke

Patrick Box

Mark Bradford

David Cornell

Ken Deveney

Eric & Lynne Dittmer

Blanche Douma

JoAnne Eggers

Thomas Fink

Wolfgang Geiger

Ted Gibbs

Pat Gordon

Elizabeth Hallett

Theodora & Robert Hight

Janet Ievins

Jill Iles

Carol Ingelson

Frank Jones

Alan Journet & Kathy Conway

Michal Kawka

Robin Keeton

Marni Koopman

David & Patti Lane

Lee Lull

Ray & Margaret Mallette

Connie Markovich

Eleanor Marzocco

Jacquine Milikien

Marion Moore

Rochelle & Richard Newman

Liz Olson

Eleanor Ponomareff

Andrew Ralston

Chuck Rhine

Deborah Rothschild

Susan Rust

Robert Scheelen

Louise Shawkat

John Soares

Dennis Sobolik & Susan Silva

SOHEVA (Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Association)

Dennis Specht

Susan Stevens-Briody

Donna Stuart

Donna Swanson

Richard Thomas

Unitarian Universalists of Grants Pass

Tricia Vigil

Estelle Voeller

Ann “Dickie” Wilson