Confronting Climate Change  Action and Information for Oregon Legislative Session 2017

For several years a coalition of Oregon Climate Activists has been promoting comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction legislation in the Oregon State Legislature. Efforts continue this session.

Ask not what your planet can do for you, but what you can do for your planet.  YOUR PLANET NEEDS YOU, NOW!



The combination of optimism generated by the Paris Agreement regarding global warming goals, and pessimism generated by the November election, have led to the greater realization that for the U.S. to achieve meaningful reductions in emissions, the states must take the lead.  The pressure, therefore, is on states such as Oregon where there is a political ‘climate’ that conceivably could enact meaningful GHG emissions reduction legislation.  However, we cannot possible achieve comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions (climate pollution) reduction without YOUR help.   Please join us….Please email Alan or call 541-301-4107.

SB 557 passed out of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources on Wednesday April 12, and was recommended by that committee to move to the Senate Rules committee.  As a formality, all Senate bills must go to the Senate President’s desk after they leave their first committee, to be ‘referred’ by the President. Usually bills pass along without any conflict, but President Courtney decided to hold SB 557. We weren’t sure why.
Unfortunately, the Senate President’s office then sent SB 557 to  the Senate Business and Transportation committee. This is interpreted as a move to kill the bill. The bill sponsor Senator Beyer sits on that committee, but there’s nothing he can do since it arrived too late to be scheduled for meaningful action.
BUT – there is also a House bill under consideration (HB 2135).  This was last session’s Healthy Climate Bill. We knew the Senate would be tough, and President Courtney has never been a friend of the environment.  House Energy and Environment Committee Chair Helm agreed to amend HB 2135 so it mirrors SB 557.
HB 2135 was recommended Do Pass by the House E & E committee om April 17 and forwarded to the House Rules committee.

 Confronting Climate Change is the testimony submitted on behalf of SOCAN by Alan Journet.  Subsequently a series of Tuesday evening joint informational work sessions (5:30 pm) were held to explore the various bills and hear testimony on them.

Lists of House E & E members; Senate E & NR members.

Build The Pressure:

Points for contact letters can be taken from the Letter Bullets Feb 2017. Please compose your own letter rather than copying, individualize communications , and then submit individually to each rep rather than sending them collectively since the latter will likely end in SPAM.

2017 Actions

The Southern Oregon Climate Coalition is active and seeking help. We have a series of District teams committed to engaging local Senate and House Representatives in an effort to persuade them to support the principles and a Clean Energy Jobs Bill this session. Individuals can help in a vast number of ways.

  • The simplest level is to ‘Support the Cause’ (see below) by signing a petition in support of the principles, by persuading your organizations (Church, Community Group, Business) to sign on, or by encouraging local businesses to sign on.
  • If you’d like to take the next step, you can write to your representative encouraging their support for meaningful legislation (see Materials… below) or write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper encouraging the same (see Materials below and the SOCAN Media Corps page for tips on letter writing).
  • Additionally, you can join one of our Legislative District teams members of which are contacting our representative directly.
  • During the session (which started Feb 1 and runs into July) we will be organizing trip(s) to Salem to support the bills in hearings and visit reps there.  According to reports, our representatives are often particularly impressed when constituents make the trek to Salem to visit them in the Capitol…even though we often find more time is available to visit with them when they are in the District – and we are mindful of the GHG emissions resulting from our traveling to Salem to do this.
  • If you are interested in getting involved, please email Alan Journet or call 541-301-4107.

Support the Cause

Letter Bullets Feb 2017 Points to consider in writing letters to representatives or newspapers

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Legislation under Consideration for 2017 A very vrief summary of proposals under consideration.

SB 557 – HB 2135 2017 Clean Energy Jobs Bill Summary   A two-page summary of the preferred bill by Alan Journet

Guest Opinion Column By Hannah Sohl and Shirley Weathers Medford Mail Tribune, February19 2017

Clean Energy Jobs Principles The principles guiding the Statewide coalition’s evaluation of 2017 bills

Organizational sign-on in support of the principles.

Individual sign-on petition in support of a Clean Energy Jobs Bill principles

Small Business Sign-on in support of the principles

Confronting Climate Change Testimony submitted February 22nd 2017 on behalf of SOCAN by Alan Journet to House Energy and Environment Committee and Senate Environment and Natural resources Committee in support of SB557 for the joint Hearing scheduled for March 1st in Hearing Room F.

SOCAN’s suggested Amendments to SB557 Submtted in an effort to bring the bill closer to the Principles.

Materials From January 31st SOCAN Meeting – Letter Writing information

Table directions for coordinators with suggestions for writing.

Representative Letter Bullets Feb 2017 Ideas on what to include in letters to the editor or letters to representatives.

The Climate Challenge 2017 Addresses Contact addresses for Southern Oregon representatives.

A Little History

2017 Proposals

General Legislature / Legislator Information

The Oregon Senate has 30 districts with the 2017 /18 session count at 17 Democrats to 13 Republicans (the loss of Senate District 3 eliminated the Democrat super-majority). Each Senate District comprises exactly two House Districts. The House thus has 60 Districts; it comprises 35 Democrats to 25 Republicans.

Identify Your State Representative – Find out who represents you in the State House and Senate. All you need is your address.

Find Your State Representative’s Contact Information – Find them by District or alphabetically by name

Find Your State Senator’s Contact Information – Find them by District or alphabetically by name

Oregon 2017 Legislative Committees – List of Oregon House and Senate committees and memberships

Representative Letter Bullets Feb 2017– Tips on things to write about in letters to reps.